Multiple Cars Towed Following Sideshow in Oakland: Police

Multiple vehicles were towed in Oakland late Saturday for being involved in sideshow activity, according to police.

It is not yet clear how many cars were towed or if any arrests were made, but extra officers were patrolling the East Bay city in hopes of preventing sideshows being advertised on social media.

A number of sideshows across the Bay Area in recent weeks have resulted in multiple arrests, citations and injuries.

At least two people in Oakland were hurt in a shooting on Halloween night following sideshow activity, according to police. The night before, an officer was hurt, four people were arrested and five cars were impounded after racers gathered for a sideshow in the South Bay.

Earlier that weekend, droves of motorcyclists could se been doing "donuts" and popping "wheelies" across the East bay. Multiple people were arrested, according to the California Highway Patrol.

"The sideshows are a problem throughout the Bay Area," Lt. Brian Anderson with the San Jose Police Department said following a recent instance of sideshow activity. "With the advent of how well people can communicate with each other, these sideshows pop up all over the Bay Area."

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