Muni Manager to Step Down

Operations manager says resignation isn't related to recent accidents

Kenneth McDonald, Operations Manager for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, announced he'll be quitting -- shortly after yet another high-profile accident.

McDonald, who came from Atlanta along with San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency Director Nathaniel Ford, argued that under his watch safety and reliability has actually improved.

He plans to officially step down on October 9 -- just keeping his promise to stay three years.

Neither McDonald nor Ford suggested the resignation was related to the crash, but Supervisor Bevan Dufty who represents the district where the latest accident occurred called for someone to be held accountable.

Meanwhile, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom assured everyone that it was still safe to ride Muni.

Once again, indications seem to be that procedures weren't being strictly followed by operators, with witnesses on board reporting that the two trains were closer together than the mandated 250 feet for separation.

The driver of the rear train, possible distracted by a rider, rear-ended an SUV, driving it into a train in front.

Trains and buses following too closely has been a constant complaint of Muni riders, who often wait far longer than the scheduled interval only to see two or three vehicles bunched up together on routes.

Drivers should be advised not to get in their way.

Jackson West hopes those injured are doing better, and also hopes the classic cars weren't terribly damaged.

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