Muni Riders Just Say No

Facebook group members plan action in person

Fed-up Muni riders have set up a Facebook page and website and are planning a rally for 5 p.m. Monday.

People who rely on public transportation say things have become intolerable, with fare hikes, service cuts, and growing incivility on vehicles, and they are doing something about it.

People who hope to force change will meet on the north side of Powell and Market and march down Market and then Van Ness to City Hall.

Muni's board approved a plan Friday to eliminate about 230 jobs and reduce service by about 10 percent beginning May 1. Agency officials say they are trying to close a $12.1 million deficit in the current budget.

The vote to make the cuts came after a public meeting where an overflow crow of nearly 300 people let Muni know how they felt about service reductions.

Muni's board also voted in favor of raising parking rates at some city garages and boosting the cost of a yearly residential permit.

That was the last straw for local riders who are asking people to march with them tonight and boycott Muni.

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