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From True Crime to Bay Area Sports, These Bay Area Podcasts Will Help Get You Through Your Gnarly Commute

Bay Area residents have some of the gnarliest commutes in the entire country. Whether grappling with bus and BART delays or inching along in gridlock traffic, simply getting to or from work can take hours. 

Most Bay Area denizens will probably admit that living here is worth the wait — most of the time. But for the days when it isn't, here are a few Bay Area-themed podcasts to remind you why you enjoy living on the top side of the best coast. 

Misconduct: a True Crime Podcast

Would any list of podcasts be complete without a true crime entry? Probably not, so here's Misconduct. In episode 10, the narrators discuss the "San Mateo Slasher" and the Gypsy Hill murders, which claimed five lives in the 1970s. Check it out here.

Bay Area Mystery Club

If one episode of Misconduct isn't enough true crime for you, enjoy an entire series based on the "murderous history" of the Bay Area. Because it's so hyperlocal, this podcast will provide you with more than you ever needed — or wanted — to know about some of the region's most devastating and grisly crimes. Check it out here. 

NPR/KQED's Bay Curious. 

An easy and perhaps obvious entry, Bay Curious plumbs some of the deepest mysteries of this loveable — but admittedly frustrating and flawed— region. From the origins of the word "hella" to the homeless crisis, the podcast doesn't miss a beat. It also incorporates interactive elements, with each episode's topic is based on reader submissions. Check it out here


Okay, so the show about San Francisco history doesn't roll out new episodes on a weekly basis as it did years ago, but the archives still make for great listening. Created by amateur historian Richard Miller, each audio track focuses on something unique to the Bay Area, from the history of San Francisco's 1920s flapper girls to the modern-day Mission burrito. Check it out here 

Too Short's Boombox

One of the Bay Area's most famous rappers hosts this lively podcast. Boombox allows listeners to be a fly on the wall as moguls, entertainers, and other celebrities chit chat and kick back. It's also interactive; questions are often taken from audience feedback. Check it out here

99% Invisible

Did you know one of iTunes' most popular podcasts is recorded in the Bay Area? With more than 150 million listeners, the show is one of our region's most popular podcast exports. But 99% Invisible doesn't always focus on Northern California, instead delving into a number of odd topics that have national appeal. The show is all about the "unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world," according to its website. First-timers might enjoy the episode on Milk Carton Kids, which explores the origins of the "missing" signs tacked on the back of milk cartons. Find it here.

Bay Area Sports Guy:

The name pretty much says it all. This podcast all about Bay Area sports, featuring informed commentators who know the ins and outs of the games they cover. Find it here.

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