Mystery Lotto Winner Asked to Come Forward

The winning ticket has been scanned at Safeway and Raley stores several times.

Do you know the man in the video at the top of this article? If so, you know someone who is very very rich.

California lottery officials put out an all-points bulletin for the $52 million MEGA Millions lotto winner who has not claimed his prize.

The Lottery put out the surveillance video (above) and a photo (below) of the man they believe bought the ticket at the Kwik  & Convenient Liquor Mart at 3157 Walnut Avenue in Fremont.

AJ Kumar, a cashier at the store, said he's waited on the mystery winner many times and he sold the ticket as a Quick Pick on July 25th.

"He has a lot of time for the jackpot. He can claim the money within one year," Kumar said.

Lottery officials say the winner has physically checked his ticket several times at Bay Area Raley’s and Safeway stores, but for some reason he has yet to claim the money.

On Thursday, the Lottery put out the photo and a plea asking the mystery man to bring his winning ticket to a lottery office.
“We see this as an integrity and transparency issue. The California Lottery truly believes that when a person buys a lottery ticket with the hope and prayer of changing their lives, we should do all we can to connect them with their winnings. We believe this effort will make a lot of Californians very happy,” said Russ Lopez, Deputy Director of Corporate Communications.

The lottery was on July 27. The winning numbers are 2, 3, 4, 8, 43 with the Mega number 26. The estimated cash value? $40.5 million.
This is one of the first times the Lottery has released a photo of a lottery winner. The practice is part of "on-going public effort to connect Lottery customers with their winnings."

Over the past two years a total of more than $20.5 million in prizes went unclaimed.

MEGA Millions jackpot winning tickets may be claimed up to one full year from the date of ticket purchase. All other wins expire after six months.

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