Mythbusters on Hot Seat in Dublin

Stars continue to make amends for cannonball mishap.

On the heels of an epic TV production mishap that sent a  cannonball flying into Dublin homes, roughly two hundred people filled a  local community center Saturday morning to discuss the incident.

    Alameda County sheriff's deputies and staff from the Discovery  Channel show MythBusters sought to address residents' concerns after a  televised experiment went awry.

    On Dec. 6 around 4:15 p.m., the show's hosts launched an  experiment at the Alameda County bomb range that mistakenly sent a 30-pound  cannonball through a cinderblock wall, over a hill and into a nearby  neighborhood where it damaged two homes and a minivan.

    No one was harmed during the incident, including the family who  slept as the cannonball shot through their master bedroom and the house's  stucco wall.

    During Saturday's hour-long meeting at the Alameda County Office  of Emergency Services, deputies and MythBusters' staff assured residents that  they are investigating the incident and making every effort to prevent a  similar mishap.

    "It was an accident that went terribly wrong, and we're just glad  that no one was injured," said Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern, who headed  today's meeting.

    The show's hosts shot a homemade cannonball that they'd used at  least three times before with the intention of shooting it through two huge  barrels of water and a cinderblock wall meant to slow the cannonball's  progress before it landed in the surrounding 100-foot hills, Ahern said.

    Instead, the cannonball missed the water, shot through the wall  and bounced off of the hillside, sending it on its trip through the  neighborhood below, where community members say children often play.

    MythBusters' executive director, Dan Tapster, told community  members he understands their concern, but said the show's "safety record is  excellent", without a similar mishap over some 800 episodes, and that the  crew will use this experience to prevent future accidents.

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