Napa Animal Shelter Hoping to Reunite Pets with Owners After Quake

Napa animal shelter officials have been able to reunite 11 dogs with their owners since Sunday's earthquake that shook the region, damaging homes and causing terrified pets to run away.

"We have probably taken possibly 80 to possibly 90 phone calls from people who have lost their cats," said Kelly Tracey of the Napa County Animal Shelter. "Over the last 24 hours you gotten phone calls of seven people who have found their cats."

Local radio stations and the newspaper are trying to get the word out about the pets found and currently housed at the animal shelter.

"You need to be prepared. You need to have water for the animals. You need to have food prepared for them," Tracey said. "A disaster preparedness kit for them and for yourself, and have your pet micro-chipped -- we can for a microchip on everything that comes to our doors."

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