Napa Resident's Hayward Business Robbed as He Fights Off Flames

One Napa resident managed to save his home from getting swallowed up by wildfire, but he still suffered loss hundreds of miles away.

Dane Simms said as he was battling flames at his Napa home Sunday night, thieves broke into this tattoo parlor in Hayward and stole money and other valuables.

Simms spent the last week fighting fire advancing on his home.

"My neighbor's house goes down in flames; we physically saved our property," he said. "Got evacuated but didn't leave."

Meanwhile, security cameras were capturing the suspects breaking into Simms Inc. Tattoos. Simms said the money they made off with was intended to help people. He had his wife take his treasured "Star Wars" collection from Napa to his business, so he could hold fundraisers for fire victims. He posted updates on Facebook, and it seems crooks were paying attention.

"I've never felt devistation like this," he said.

The security cameras caught three men breaking into the tattoo parlor and stealing thousands of dollars meant for fire victims as well as a large portion of the "Star Wars" collectibles.

"It's tough; I thought I was doing the right thing," Simms said. "Wake up Monday morning, I haven't seen my family, haven't been off my hill, and I get robbed. It's heartbreaking."

One of the suspects has a tattoo, and Simms said it feels to him like the burglars knew their way around his shop. He said they didn't just take money and valuables; they also stole the trust he had in people.

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office is investigating the theft.

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