Napa Wants to Know If You Recognize This Face

 Napa County authorities released a facial reconstruction of a male homicide victim whose skeletal remains were found near Napa Valley College in December 2007.
The victim was probably a white European man, 6 feet tall and 35-50 years old, who died at least two years before a citizen found his well preserved and nearly complete skeleton on the eastern edge of the college on  Dec. 14, 2007, Napa Police Cmdr. Andy Lewis said.

An odontologist who examined the jaw and teeth determined the murder victim suffered from an untreated dental disease that would be very painful to the average person, Lewis said.

The skeletal remains were sent to the California State University-Chico Anthropology Department for a forensic analysis and were cleaned, inspected and reconstructed, Lewis said.

There was evidence of a blunt force traumatic impact to the victim's skull, Lewis said.

Partial clothing was recovered with the remains, including a medium pair of "Firenze" brand blue sweatpants with red pinstripes down each leg.

Napa police and the Napa County Sheriff's Office are investigating the homicide. Anyone with information is asked to call Napa police detective Don Winegar at (707) 258-7879.

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