Nathaniel Manlangit, Man Who Killed Friend with Baseball Bat at Milpitas Sports Authority, Legally Insane

Not guilty by reason of insanity is verdict in baseball bat beating death.

The man accused of beating his friend to death with a baseball bad did in fact do the heinous deed.

But he won't do any time in prison. He's been found to be “not guilty by reason of insanity.”

Nathaniel Manlangit, 26, was charged with crimes stemming from the beating death of Carlos Caloca, 31, at the Great Mall in Milpitas in June 2013.

The pair were walking through a Sports Authority when an argument broke out. Manlangit grabbed a baseball bat off a shelf and proceeded to beat Caloca so badly that he was dead by the time police arrived.

Manlangit has since spent his days in "a locked forensic mental hospital" after doctors for both the defense and the Santa Clara County district attorney's office declared him legally insane.

That means he knew not what he was doing, nor how bad the beating was, the DA reported.

Manlangit may be released from a hospital at some point, but only after a further jury trial to prove that he poses no threat.

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