National Park Rangers Rescue Oakland Man Missing in Yosemite

An Oakland man who's been seen missing in Yosemite since last weekend was spotted by rangers Friday and rescued.

Alan Chow, 36, and his family have been reunited.

Neighbor Victoria Arce has been on pins and needles the last several days waiting for updates on Chow. She was so happy hearing of the news Chow was found Arce hugged an NBC Bay Area reporter.

"I'm happy, overwhelmed," Arce said. "I'm just so happy to hear the good news that they found Alan."

Prior to being found, the last time anyone saw Chow was last Saturday. Chow at the time set off on a hiking trip through the Hetch Hetchy Valley.

On Friday around noon, National Park Rangers spotted Chow by helicopter. He was resting at the top of Wapama Falls, near the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir.

Rangers said he had access to water and had food with him.

"He's the type of guy that's always prepared," friend Jason Lieu said. "He always over packs, so this time over packing is a positive thing I think.

Lieu said Chow has a sprained ankle, but is otherwise OK. Arce said Chow's whole family has been at Yosemite the last few days.

Chow will spend one more night in Yosemite before returning back to Oakland with his family.

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