Courtney Love Sued by Former Assistant for Wages

The Hole frontwoman is fending off her second lawsuit in the last month

Chalk up another legal battle for Courtney Love.

The impressively conflict-prone Hole frontwoman is fending off her second lawsuit in the last month, this one from a former assistant suing for unpaid wages.

Jessica Labrie says working for Love took a serious toll on her mental health and required her to refuse to perform some questionably legal tasks, like hiring a hacker or sending fake legal correspondence.

Labrie alleged that Love owes her thousands in unpaid wages and business trip expenses — and that she left the job in what was effectively a wrongful constructive termination since she wasn't getting paid.

Labrie's suit also alleges that Love made her grandiose promises she never fulfilled, promising her various jobs and a full scholarship to Yale University. (The suit did not explain how Love would have secured such a thing.)

Labrie's suit isn't the only litigation Love is fighting.

Her own former lawyers sued her last month seeking more than $500,000 in outstanding fees from the 14 cases in which they represented her.

Another lawyer has sued her, too, for defamation, after Love accused her of having been "bought off" in a tweet two years ago.

Love has been known to air her many grievances on her unusually active Twitter page, and recently Rhonda Holmes, the lawyer suing for defamation, is trying to force Love's own daughter Frances Bean Cobain to testify against her mom.

That is because a horrified Cobain pronounced this year "Twitter should ban my mother," after Love took to the social media site to accuse Foo Fighter and long-time Cobain family friend Dave Grohl of trying to seduce the teen.

Holmes wants Cobain to explain that remark in testimony in support of her defamation claims against Love.

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