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Naughty List: Santa Con Revelers Trash Popular San Francisco Pakistani Restaurant ‘Shalimar’

Some Santa Claus revelers in San Francisco have made the jolly one's naughty list after trashing a popular Polk Street restaurant Saturday night.

On Monday, in the aftermath of the Santa Con participants' bad behavior, there was growing outrage over videos showing just how bad these Santas were.

Workers at Shalimar, a Pakistani restaurant, were still cleaning up Monday but managed to capture video Saturday night of Santa Con partiers demanding food they never ordered then one woman with a Santa hat in her hand shoving a cash register, a stereo and just about everything that was on the counter onto the floor.

Alejo Cano Chang said the group came in around 7 p.m. During the woman's outburst, she also threw a sugar shaker at him. The vandalism didn't stop there.

"I came into today, and I saw the door was broken, and I couldn't believe it," Cano Chang said.

Taylor Savvy says he avoids Santa Con because of all the bad behavior. When he heard about the vandalism at lunch Monday, he posted pictures and video on Twitter, demanding the guilty parties come forward and help his favorite neighborhood restaurant fix the damage.

"They owe them an apology," Savvy said. "They should offer to replace the door and undo the damage."

Shalimar closed for about an hour Saturday night to clean up, and workers filed a police report.

Anyone who recognizes the vandals in the images shown should contact San Francisco police.

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