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Nazi Flag Flies Over San Francisco to Protest Donald Trump Win

A San Francisco man protested Donald Trump's astounding presidential victory by mounting a Nazi flag above his house on Wednesday. 

The Dolores Heights homeowner, who asked to remain anonymous, stressed that he neither supports the President-elect nor Nazis. Instead the red flag with the Swastika was akin to a harbinger of trouble that Trump's win could usher in.  

The flag was taken down around 2 p.m. Wednesday and replaced with a California flag after the homeowner received angry phone calls and was confronted by an irate neighbor. The woman told him that she was very hurt because her grandparents were Holocaust survivors. 

A gate in front of the massive beige-colored home was also crowned with a skull, but the homeowner said that was part of his Halloween decorations.

Trump's White House victory has spurred protests across the Bay Area with citizens blocking streets and highways, students walking out of classes, and others lighting flares and trash on fire.

Hate-filled messages were sprayed on the walls of a Philadelphi store. A pair of swastikas was accompanied by the words "Trump" and "Sieg Heil," which is the Nazi salute.

NBC Bay Area's Stephanie Chuang contributed to this report.

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