What a Shot! NBC Bay Area's Top Instagram Moments of 2016

The old adage says that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Well, these are just some of the images and videos from 2016 that made the Bay Area voice a host of superlatives.

From his lightning-quick release to his wizard-like ball handling ability, one can make the argument that Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors' point guard, is a magician on the court. His magic was certainly captured in this post, which was documented during one of Golden State's historic 73 wins during the 2015-16 campaign.


Following the devastating Oakland warehouse fire that cost the lives of 36 people, Dallas showed up to support the East Bay city. A hotel in the Texas city strategically aligned a slew of lights to spell out "Oakland."

She's the mom who has captured international attention. Robin Schreiber, a Peninsula mother made famous for her uncanny dance moves, earned the right to take center court along with the Golden State Warriors dance team and excite the crowd during a Christmas-style routine. It wasn't a surprise that Schreiber's swiveling hips and lucky sweater stole the show yet again.

Well, this image definitely required a double-take. Thanks to the combination of a powerful storm and the King Tides, water from the San Francisco Bay spilled onto the Embarcadero in the city by the bay.

The perfect combination: a supermoon and the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Making its rare appearance in November, a supermoon decided to peak behind the western span of the bridge and show off for an unbelievable cameo.

Yikes. Traffic in the Bay Area is bad enough, but add an RV fire to the mix and a nightmare unfolds. Commuters along U.S. Highway 101 had to face one such ordeal back in October. With traffic at a complete standstill, some folks decided to pass the time by posing for photos or taking a seat on the center divide.

No one needs to be reminded that traffic in the Bay Area is no fun at all. That is unless you are this man who decided to whip out a basketball and impress the NBC Bay Area chopper with his dazzling display of dribbling while U.S. Highway 101 was completely shut down.

The amount of superlatives to describe this photo may be limitless. It's always a treat when the Blue Angels come to town, but this shot captures the beautiful marriage that is Fleet Week and San Francisco.

This year's presidential election had its fair share of unforgettable moments, and this election day moment certainly turned some heads. Two women, naked from the waist up, caused a bit of commotion inside a New York polling location while they shouted: "Out of our polls, Trump. Out of our polls, Trump!"

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