Need a Job? Try the Skin Trade

Job fair comes to SF; Costumes welcome

If the recession has you down, you're not alone. Jobs are tough to come by, and if you haven't noticed yet, job fairs are very crowded affairs. How do you find that niche that's just for you? Here's a tip: Try the adult entertainment arena.

The Cybernet Expo is a three-day job fair in San Francisco. It starts today at the Golden Gateway Hotel, and while some of the events come with titillating titles ("Kink in The Castle," "Player's Ball," "Alcatraz Networking"), a casual run through the event website shows that these guys are serious about getting you a job. Lots of networking events, seminars, and tips on how to go about getting a gig in the, ahem, adult world.

It makes sense, really. Industries are getting pummeled as our economy staggers on, but porn has always stayed strong. It's like comfort food. People will always buy chocolate, even more of it when times are bad. If the job market has left you with lots of time on your hands, and you've gone online lately, you may notice that porn is still all over the web, and from what I hear, it's making a tidy profit, too.

The Cybernet Expo is looking to get webmasters, coders, HR professionals, and yes, models, jobs. The organizers promise to walk you through etiquette questions you may have about the industry, and help you get a foot in the door.

If you're squeamish, take a pass. I'm sure the banking industry will come back strong any day now.  If you're game, give it a try.  Maybe you, too, can get a leg up on a recession-beating industry.

Scott Budman is on his way to the expo. You know, for the story. He's on Twitter @scottbudman

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