Need Burning Man 2013 Tickets? Hours Left to Sign Up

Registration for final Burning Man ticket sale starts August 2, but “Burner Profile" must be created by 6 p.m. August 1 to be eligible.

Still looking for a ticket to Burning Man 2013?

Registration for the final “OMG” Last Chance Sale of $380 tickets starts Friday, August 2 at noon, but in order to register for the final sale, you must have a “Burner Profile” already created in the ticket system.

Burner Profiles are quick and easy to set up, and only those who’ve created one for themselves by 6 p.m. Thursday will be able to try to grab one or two tickets in the final sale.

This is the first year Burning Man has had the late summer OMG Sale, presumably designed to thwart off desperate ticketless people considering buying an overpriced ticket from a scalper.

At least 1,000 tickets have been held back for sale, but with Burning Man recently being granted approval to grow Black Rock City to 68,000 people, chances are there will be thousands of tickets available to those who are registered for the OMG Last Chance Sale.

Last year the population cap was right around 60,000, and in the days and weeks leading up to the sold-out event, tickets were going for half-price and even free on websites like Craigslist.

With these thousands of extra tickets for sale this late in the game, you may be sitting pretty if you still need a ticket, or not-so-much if you have some to sell. Click here for BM ticket page.

In typical Burning Man fashion, creating a Burner Profile is just the first step in a three-tiered process for getting tickets.

Registration to be eligible for the OMG Last Chance Sale continues over the weekend, from Friday, August 2 at noon to Monday, August 5 at noon.

Then, the actual sale will be first-come, first-served starting at Wednesday August 7 at noon, with only people pre-registered being granted access to the ticketing site.

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