Nerf Gun Shuts Down Cupertino High School

Students said they were planning to play game Assassin during an afternoon break.

Cupertino High School was under a code red lock down for about a half hour Monday morning after a custodian reported seeing an Uzi-like gun in a student's backpack.

The gun turned out to be a plastic Nerf gun (pictured above). The student was one of many who brought the toy to school in order to play a game during break.

The Santa Clara County sheriff's department responded in mass to a report of a gun on campus at 8:24 a.m., according to Jose Cardoza.

Deputies were able to quickly figure out the guns were toys.

No students were arrested, but the school did confiscate the Nerf guns. School officials said even bringing a replica of a firearm to school is against the rules.

Cardoza said the worker did the right thing calling police.

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