UPDATE: Fox Joins Network Stiff-Arm of GoogleTV

Rupert Murdoch

Fox has joined its competing networks when it comes to blocking content from airing on Google TV.

Google, once again, had no comment this week. Previously, though, they've made it clear to consumers that if they can't see content, it ain't their fault.

It's big media's fault. Or Hulu. Depends on how you look at it.

--- BELOW is the original stiff-arming story from nary a month ago. ---

Google's one-tech solution to family entertainment has hit another old-media roadblock: popular content.

Three of the big four networks -- ABC, CBS and NBC -- have decided to not allow their content to flow into GoogleTV, the company's pipeline dream of marrying the internet to television, and vice versa, according to the WSJ.

Fox is the only holdout on a final decision. (Disclosure: NBCBayArea.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of NBC Universal.)

Of course, Google says it's about providing users with what they want, cross-platform, and doing it elegantly. The networks worry about Google's business model (or lack of it) to compensate them adequately for all their studio work.

This might be a turf war, with TV protecting its assets. It might be a referendum on the user complaints about the glitchy interface when setting up the Sony/LogiTech televisions.

Perhaps it's premature to restrict access to such great shows as "Let's Make a Deal," but, for now, the producers are waiting for "The Price Is Right."

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