Neverland Rides Coming To State Fair

Butler Amusements purchased rides from Michael Jackson's former estate

Three rides from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch are coming to the California State Fair this year.

Butler Amusements bought five rides from the King of Pop's former Santa Barbara County estate last year.

The carnival operator is bringing the Balloon Samba, the Jeeps and the Wave Swinger to the fair at Cal Expo from Aug. 21 to Sept. 7.

This year, the State Fair is honoring unlimited ride wristbands every day, including weekends. Riders can buy wristbands until 10 p.m. and ride until 11 p.m., with most rides included. Advance tickets are available for discounts up to 50 percent.

Butler isn't the only owner of Jackson Neverland items.

An East Bay rancher says he also stumbled upon the Neverland garage sale at Jackson's famous Neverland Ranch.

Inside a Castro Valley ranch are dozens of items.

Co-owner Chuck Moore said he didn't buy the stuff because he was a Jackson fan.  He just needed things for his equestrian center and yearly pumpkin patch.

Here's a partial list of the loot:

  • A dozen life-like mannequins
  • Several bags of youth riding gear
  • A red four-wheeler ATV
  • Neverland golf carts with the MJ name plate inside and a Batman logo
  • Turtle ride

In all, Moore spent $40,000 and bought more than he ever imagined he could get for that amount of money.

He knew he had something rare, but then came June 25, and word that Michael Jackson had died of heart failure.

Suddenly, a wave of interest in all things M.J. hit the country. An eBay search this week showed some 36,000 Jackson-related items.

So far the Moores have sold one only one item.

"Had a really nice go cart with the Michael Jackson Neverland logo on the hood, but a friend of my brothers really wanted it and twisted my arm with some cash so I said OK," Moore said. contributed to this report.

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