New Case Linked to Dating Game Killer

 Bay Area investigators say they've linked a 30 year old murder to a convicted serial killer.

Marin County Sheriff's investigators say they are "confident" Rodney Alcala, the so-called ”Dating Game Killer,” murdered 19 year old Pamela Jean Lambson in 1977.

Lambson disappeared during a trip to Fisherman's Wharf to meet a man who had offered to photograph her. Her battered naked body was found near a Marin county trail.

The case went cold until last year, when Rodney Alcala was sentenced to death in Southern California for five murders dating back to the 1970's.

Investigators say those murders matched the profile of Lambson's death.

With no fingerprints and no useable DNA, charges will not be filed against Alcala. Investigators say they are convinced Alcala is responsible.

Alcala, who appeared on the “Dating Game”, eluded police by changing identities and locations. One detective on the case called him a killing machine. He was arrested in 1979 in connection with the slaying of a 12 year old Huntington Beach girl.

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