Clown Mask, Passport, Tent, Banking Documents Among Items Found in Gilroy Gunman's Car

A police search of the Gilroy Garlic Festival gunman’s car, found parked less than half a mile away from the shooting, uncovered more than 50 items, including different license plates, his passport and camping gear.

Some of the items indicate he may have thought he could camp out and escape in the wilderness after his shooting spree, according to a law enforcement official involved in the investigation.

Other items found in the car included a clown mask, an additional shotgun, and two threaded pipes, which can be used to make a bomb.

The discovery of these items were released in a search warrant for the gunman’s car and home, just made public Thursday, almost two weeks after he killed three people and injuring more than a dozen others at the festival before taking his own life.

During a search of his home where he lived with his father, police also found an AR-15 with three high-capacity magazines in the master bedroom, as well as receipts indicating he went shopping at several brand name retail stores just days before the shooting.

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