New DMV Glitch Seems to Penalize People Who Renewed Their License

Residents who renewed their California drivers license and haven't gotten them in the mail yet may be part of the latest tech glitch at the embattled state agency.

The Department of Motor Vehicles tried to get ahead, sending out renewal notices five to 35 days earlier than usual.

The problem was that the system only accepted renewals at 115 days or less before expiration so some people renewed early, paid their fees, and now no record is shown.

Those who got a notice to renew between November to January could be affected and the DMV said people with birthdays on Feb. 25 would be the earlierst people impacted.

The glitch was first uncovered by the Sacramento Bee who said the glitch could impact tens of thousands of Californians and there is now an internal review underway to get to the bottom of the problem.

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