New Earthquake Simulation Shows Significant Damage to the Bay

Seismologists warn there is a one in three chance that there will be a 6.7 or higher earthquake in the East Bay within the next 30 years. A new computer simulator shows researchers what a 7.0 magnitude event would be like on the Hayward fault.

A widespread damage to buildings, roads, railways and utilities is shown, casualties that would cause significant economic and social impacts.

Scientists at the Lawrence Livermore and Lawrence Berkeley laboratories say the new simulations give the clearest picture yet of what would happen in such an event.

One thing they noted was that the east side of the fault, the Orinda-Moraga area, would experience more shaking than Berkeley and Oakland on the west side.

It is advised that if ever in an earthquake, drop and cover under a table and stay away from windows. Keeping bottled water and non-perishable foods on hand in an earthquake kit along with flashlights and first-aid kit is also a good idea.

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