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New Email, Video Leaks Hit Clinton Campaign

Tim Cook for Vice President? Bill Gates? The CEO of Starbucks?

According to Wikileaks, and the latest batch of emails it says come from Hillary Clinton's Campaign Chair John Podesta, those names, and others — including Bernie Sanders — were all floated as potential running mates for the Democratic presidential candidate.

With 20 days to go before Election Day, the Clinton campaign was hit with more leaked emails — among them, an email calling Sanders a “doofus” — and a video, released by a group calling itself Project Veritas.

The Veritas video, which was widely shared on Twitter on Tuesday, claims people inside the Clinton campaign are inciting violence at Donald Trump rallies. If you remember the June Trump trip to San Jose, you’ll remember that many Trump supporters were attacked by Clinton backers.

For Clinton, this is not a great way to head into the final debate on Wednesday, but will a video and emails make a difference in the polls?

“Not very much,” says NBC Bay Area's political analyst Larry Gerston. “None of this rises to the level of malice. Therefore, the Trump campaign has an air of desperation.”

One more debate. One more night of second-screen politics, before we vote.

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