New G+ Features Rolling Out

Google will have a few tweaks ready for you by the end of the year.

Over the next few days, Google+ will be rolling out some new features.

According to their blog, some of the features are things many users have been asking for, and some are new all together. They also mentioned these things will be in place before the end of the new year.

The service is going to give you an option to control the "noise" of a certain circle. For example, if you want more posts from your "Friends" circle to show up in your main stream, you can turn up the slider to allow more posts. If you want fewer posts, just turn it down.

Google will also be updating their brand pages. Now users will be able to name up to 50 administrators for a page. They are also updating their notification system for pages as well.

Lastly, Google has added some features to their photo lightbox. They've added new navigation, and made tagging "fun and fluid."

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