New Health Concern For Jump Houses

Lawsuit Filed Against Several Companies

California Attorney General Jerry Brown is slapping a lawsuit on several companies that make children's bounce houses, saying some of the inflatable items have unsafe lead levels.

Tests by the Center for the Environmental Health found that vinyl in some bounce houses contain lead levels that violate federal and state regulations, according to Brown's office.

"Kids at birthday parties can spend hours playing in bounce houses," Brown said in a written statement. "The goal of our lawsuit is to eliminate any chance they will be exposed to lead while they're jumping around having a good time."

Companies named in the lawsuit are: Bay Area Jump, Cutting Edge Creations; Funtastic Factory, or; Magic Jump Leisure Activities Co.; Thrillworks; The Inflatable Store; Jump for Fun, Inc. and Jump for Fun National, Inc.

The California attorney general's office said children can be exposed to lead through hand-to-mouth contact.

Brown, a Democrat, is running for governor this fall against Republican Meg Whitman.

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