San Jose

New Homeless Encampment Encroaches South San Jose Neighborhood, Sparks Frustrations

A group of residents are frustrated over a new homeless encampment starting to encroach their neighborhood in South San Jose.

The homeless encampment is set up near Severance Drive, near where Highway 85 and Highway 87 meet. About a dozen tents have ended up against the wall of the residential neighborhood, sparking concerns about public health and safety.

"I've seen people coming in and out and hearing people at night. I thought they were just rodents, but then next thing you know I'm hearing coughing and fires," homeowner Barbara Atak said. "It was scary."

The residents' group said it is frustrated because they keep getting the runaround while trying to find out what agency is responsible for clearing out the encampment.

"It's kind of up in the air -- it could be Caltrans, it could be the water district, it could be CHP," homeowner Tina Fisher said. "So I called all those places and everyone's pointing to each other and saying it's their responsibility."

The concerns over the new homeless encampment comes after crews raided a camp on July 12.

Many homeless encampments are popping up throughout the city after authorities dismantled "The Jungle" around Christmas. The Jungle was considered the nation's largest homeless encampment. At the time, about 300 people had been living in the illegal encampment near Coyote Creek.

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