New IPhone: Thin Vs. Bigger Battery?

Some say the new iPhone will be the slimmest version yet, while others say that users really want a big, powerful battery.

Apple could use in-cell touch display technology to put the new iPhone on a diet, according to Digitimes. The new display would make a layer of glass inside the iPhone disappear, rendering the iPhone skinnier than ever, Wired reported.

But for those who remember the last iPad launch, Apple's latest move wasn't to make the new iPad thinner, but to install more technological bells and whistles along with a gigantic new battery with 70 percent more capacity. (The new iPad is actually thicker and heavier than its predecessor the iPad 2.)
Instead, it may make more sense for Apple to clear up space in the new iPhone for a larger battery, GigaOm hinted. With more mobile phone users expecting more battery life and more technological advances, it's an obvious leap for Apple to make. But will iPhone users sacrifice thin for more battery life? We think that's a toss-up, but we do think most users would be willing to gain a few more ounces for some of the new iPad's retina display.
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