New Leash Laws in San Jose

San Jose is tightening the leash on dog owners. The city council has approved an ordinance that changes the city's leash laws.

The new ordinance requires people on city trails to keep their dogs on leashes no longer than 6 feet. That's 14 feet shorter than previously allowed. The law also requires dog owners to walk, jog or bicycle to the right of the trail when with their pets.

The change comes after a series of meetings following a deadly accident in 2009. That is when a woman get tangled in a leash while walking on Los Alamitos Creek Trail. She fell, hit her head and later died.

The first time someone breaks the law, they will get a warning. A second violation will cost $100. A third within three years could lead to a $200 fine.

New signs about the law will be placed along city trails.

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