New Oakland Bishop Led Prop 8 to Success

Church promotes the man who brought Catholics, Mormons and Protestants together to take rights away from gays

An auxiliary bishop in San Diego, Salvatore Cordileone, led the group of California Catholic leaders that planned and implemented the successful ballot measure, Proposition 8, to roll back marriage equality in the state.

Cordileone put into motion plans to reach out to evangelical protestants and Mormons in order to make common cause against homosexual couples, according to a feature in this week's East Bay Express.

Rather ironic considering the Catholic Church's history of treating protestants and the Latter Day Saints as apostates, not to mention the stone throwing by an organization on thin ice when it comes to passing judgement on sexual impropriety.

In a radio interview before the Proposition 8 campaign kicked off in earnest, Cordileone praised evangelicals for their world view that happy couples pose a satanic threat to the world. "They understand this is an attack of the Evil One at the core institution [of marriage]."

Guess the prospect of equal same-sex rights was enough to unite the estranged Christian sects.

His efforts were so successful, Cordileone (or "Bishop Sal" as he's known to acolytes) was rewarded with a promotion to full bishop, and now presides over the diocese that includes Oakland and Alameda County.

A gift from God for Prop 8 supporters, surely, but plenty of Alameda County residents can be counted on to consider him rather the opposite.

Photo by Allan Ferguson.

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