Santa Clara

New Program Relieves People of Unwanted Firearms in Santa Clara County

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office will launch a program led by county Supervisor Dave Cortese that aims to relieve residents of unwanted firearms.

People will be allowed to deposit their firearms at the Sheriff's Office for no money in exchange (in contrast to a gun buy-back, which pays people for their firearms). The office will not ask the givers about how they acquired those firearms.

The idea for the program first arose at the 2018 Community Summit on Firearms Safety, organized by Cortese's office.

The program aspires to reduce the number of people possessing illegal firearms, to recover weapons from felons and burglars, to prevent injury from accidental shootings and to reduce in-home suicides.

For more information, contact Janice Rombeck with Supervisor Cortese's office at (408) 299-5030 or (408) 803-2095 cellphone; or at

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