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New Steve Jobs Movie Filming in Berkeley

The city of Berkeley is going Hollywood, as a new movie about Steve Jobs is being filmed along College Avenue, near Ashby Avenue.

On Friday night, crews said they were filming a night scene for the movie, and the shoot could last until 6 a.m. Saturday.

They were capturing a slice of College Avenue in Berkeley from the 1980s and 1990s, with older cars parked along the street. Even their license plates were changed to the old blue and gold to make it look like that time period, and the extras had to wear clothing and hair styles no longer in fashion.

“My dad told me about it, and I was like, ‘If they’re filming in Berkeley, it’s probably not a huge movie. They film big movies in LA,'” movie fan Mayumi Rubin said.

But it is a big movie with A-list stars. The movie concentrates on the early Apple days when Steve Jobs, played by Michael Fassbender, and Steve Wozniak, played by Seth Rogen, launched three key products.

Kate Winslett also stars in the new movie, but the only celebrity NBC Bay Area caught at the shoot so far was Jeff Daniels.

“I loved ‘The Interview’ with Seth Rogen," Darius Roffe said. "That was just hilarious. I think it’d be interesting to see him in a serious role.”

The movie will also shoot scenes in San Francisco at some point and the South Bay this weekend.

Karla Buenaventura will be an extra for the next scene, which is still secret.

“Yeah, I saw a link on Facebook, and they’re looking for extras," Buenaventura said. "It’s going to be filmed in San Jose tomorrow. I’m waiting for an email about the details.”

But with a Steve Jobs movie already done back in 2013 starring Ashton Kutcher, some people said they are not sure another movie about him is necessary.

“I don’t really think we do [need another Steve Jobs movie]," Jake Snider said. "It just seems like they’re really stretching him out. He didn’t really have a big role in Apple. He didn’t build anything. He just assumed the role.”

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