New Website Lists Locations of COVID-19 Vaccination Sites, Tracks Availability of Doses

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With more people getting frustrated by the day, a tech worker is trying to solve the problem of long waits to get COVID-19 vaccination shots and where to even find them.

Patrick McKenzie and about 200 other volunteers created, a website that lets people find vaccination sites and keep track of how many doses they have.

"If we can pull vaccinations for hundreds of people, thousands of people, forward by a day, a week, a month, that's that many lives saved at the end of the day, and that seems to be the most useful thing to apply our talents to today," McKenzie said.

So far, they've found and directly contacted about 100 locations, from pharmacies to universities and even small firehouses that have vaccine doses.

McKenzie admitted it's tough to keep the website 100% up to date, so he recommends that people call before they go to a site.

"Here's the situation we find ourselves in," McKenzie said. "What can we do to right now to make it better?"

The goal is to eventually list every vaccination site in the state.

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