New YouTube Software Could Restore Crappily Shot Vids

Don't have a steady hand for shooting video? No problem. YouTube's latest acquisition of Green Parrot Pictures' software might one day easily stabilize and restore your poorly shot footage.

The possibilities of incorporating Green Parrot Pictures' software into Google-owned YouTube could mean huge jumps in quality for future user-generated videos. Green Parrot's tech "helps make videos look better while at the same time using less bandwidth and improving playback speed."

Take a look at this old flickery video. The original sample is super shaky, but after the restoration, it's noticeably more stable.

Basically, the gist is: film first, fix later. For most of the home videos we post to YouTube, this isn't such a bad idea. While there aren't any concrete plans on how Green Parrot's compression and restoration software will be used by YouTube, it's theoretically possible a video uploaded directly to the service can be run by an algorithm that would detect for shaky and flickery footage and then fix it during the upload process.

With that level of integration, we wouldn't ever have to worry about grandma's aching bones doing the stutter dance when schlepped with the video camera ever again.

YouTube Blog, via Social Times

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