New Yuck Factor Today in Sewage Spill

Results are expected Friday of tests of water taken from the San  Francisco Bay where a sewage spill occurred Tuesday.

An estimated 500,000 gallons of partially treated sewage flowed  through a hole in a 24-inch diameter pipe at the Sausalito-Marin City  Sanitary District facility in Fort Baker between 1 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday  afternoon, when the interim repair was complete, district director Bob  Simmons said.

The pipe continues to leak about a half-gallon of partially  treated wastewater a minute and repairs are expected to be completed Friday,  according to Simmons.

The section of the pipe containing the 2.5-inch hole will be  plugged then encased in about 120 cubic feet of re-enforced concrete, Simmons  said. The Maggiora-Ghilotti company of San Rafael is doing the work.

Work has to be done during about a four-hour time period when the  tide is low and the pipe is accessible at the spill site, Simmons said.

Matt Bronson, of the Marin County Administrator's Office, said  water samples were taken from two areas near the spill. There must be two  consecutive days of clean water results before advisories that warn about  entering the water for fishing and recreation are lifted, Bronson said.

People also have been warned not to eat seafood from the area of  the spill.

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