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Newark Man Arrested, Intended to Rape East Bay Women: Police

East Bay investigators say they caught a would-be rapist just in time.

The suspect, Matt Caruso, wrote out "plans" to attack at least six women and even tried to disable one of them with a stun gun, police said.

Caruso, a Newark resident, confronted his first intended victim last Tuesday morning as she left her Walnut Creek home for work. Police said he put a stun gun to the woman's side at her apartment parking lot.

The victim called 911 around 7:20 a.m., and reported a man had attacked her with an electrical stun gun while she was walking out of her home.

She fought back and the suspect, later identified as Caruso, fled the scene in a Volkswagen.

Later that afternoon, a maintenance worker in Fremont found a suspicious box in a dumpster. It turns out the box was full of evidence that linked Caruso to the crime.

Court documents show the box included a wig and a Taser believed used in the attack.

Caruso was arrested March 27. While searching his home in Newark, police said they found guns and child pornography. Police said Caruso remains in custody on $1.1 million bail and has been charged with multiple felonies, including attempted kidnapping with the intent to rape, assault with attempt to rape and possession of child pornography.

Police say they're still investigating the case, and asked members of the public for additional information. Anyone with additional information is asked to call Detective Leonard or Detective Ezard at 925-943-5844.

Bay City News contributed to this report.

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