Newsom Hopes New Year Strips Him of Celebrity Status

Gavin Newsom wants more substance and less fluff.

The San Francisco mayor returned from his Christmas vacation to Hawaii with his family to announce that he is done being a celebrity. Instead the reluctant star says he wants to “focus on policy and outcome, not process and personality.”

“That’s my New Year’s wish, is that The City can move away from the politics of personality and process,” Newsom told the San Francisco Examiner.

The mayor refused to reveal details of his latest trip to the tropical paradise. And with good measure, considering what happened last time he went to Hawaii.

Shortly after he ended his run for California governor, Newsom "disappeared" to Hawaii without the knowledge of his press secretary. A move that staffers -- let alone the media -- found curious.

In his first post bid interview, Newsom used CBS reporter Hank Plante to get all his frustration with the media out.

Newsom did offer one piece of substance regarding his trip. The mayor said he is well rested. 

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