Newsom Shifting on Crime Cameras

Remember Adam's Block, the site that streamed a video feed from Adam's personal, gritty corner of the Tenderloin?

Adam himself ended up getting death threats and calls to his employer calling him a pedophile. The site shut down and Adam moved away. A lesson to anyone who dared to fight crime with camera!

But the idea's not dead yet in law enforcement circles.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has never been into the idea, but he may have had a change of heart after some personal lobbying from new police chief George Gascón.

They're now thinking of putting up cameras "in a few specific locations."  Newsom said last week that his opinion on the cameras is changing after some evidence has alleviated some of his concerns with privacy.

Newsom said he is looking at using the cameras in a few, undisclosed, areas but any program would need the full support of the community. Gascón said the plan would require the City to work with civil rights groups as well.

It's safe to say to say, neighborhood crime cameras will not be streaming from anytime soon.

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