Newsoms Get Gender Specific

San Francisco first family announces baby's sex

It's been an interesting couple of weeks in the press for San Francisco's first family.

Last Tuesday the mayor tweeted to the world that he was running for governor of California. On the same day he visited Facebook headquarters and raised more than $20,000 from his social networking empire for his run at the state's highest job.

Just two days later the mayor was down in San Diego touting clean energy when he interjected himself (albeit with a reporter's help) into the national uproar against Miss USA contestant Carrie Prejean, who said she believed marriage was between a man and a woman.

"I want to challenge her on her point of view, but she spoke her conscience, I think she's being a little unfairly maligned," Newsom said.

On Friday, pictures of Mr. Newsom's bachelor pad on the market were revealed and the asking price was also "slashed." And then Saturday he took a shot at probable fellow Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Attorny Gen. Jerry Brown, at  at the state Democratic Party convention in Sacramento.

That would be enough to keep any slick looking polarizing mayor of a major city, husband to a not so well known actress, governor wannabe and dad to be busy.

Well Mr. Newsom, love him or hate him, is not your average mayor of a major city. Over the weekend the mayor's people confirmed the sex of the Newsom baby.

Drum roll please: the first child of San Francisco is going to be a girl. Congratulation Mr. and Mrs. Newsom. The mayor and Jennifer Siebel were married last summer and announced that they were expecting in February. The baby girl is due in September.

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