Newsom's Soda Tax Goes Flat

New plan coming to encourage people to kick the soda habit

It's a known fact that too much sugar causes obesity, diabetes and other health problems and that's one of the reasons San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom was tackling sales of sodas and other sugary drinks with a tax.

But Newsom said on Wednesday that he has abandoned plans to charge grocery stores and other retailers a fee on the drinks. Newsom made the comments while discussing his decision to veto a proposed fee on alcohol.

There was no law drafted or introduced to impose a sugary drink fee and Newsom had said he was prepared for lawsuits that were sure to follow. He told the San Francisco Chronicle on Wednesday that he will not follow through on the plan because he is "open to disagreement and listening to the evidence."

Instead, Newsom will be introducing a new plan to get people to kick the sugar habit. Come on, did you really think "Nanny Newsom" was ready to abandon his percieved overbearing ways and give up imposing laws to keep people healthy?

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