Ninjas Come to the City

Masked army lets them eat cake

Getty Images/BloomImage RF

A Silicon Valley video game website is relaunching. How do we know? Ninjas, of course, camping out at cable car stops throughout San Francisco, handing out pieces of cake., well-known for its on line game previews and reviews, is giving itself a makeover, and sending out what it calls an "army" of ninjas to take pictures, and make your day a little sweeter. 

In the spirit of full disclosure, I should say that we here at NBC have used IGN reviews as background material for our weekly tech show "TechNow" and have even peeked at the site for our own edification. It's respected, and covers a lot of ground.

As for the relaunch?  A new design, more video, but fear not - there's still a lot of information on the website, covering what's already here, and what's on the horizon for gamers.  One problem?  If you're able to find the link on how "We've made it faster, better, stronger," you can't actually read the article, until you've registered on the site first.

But, you have to appreciate a tech company (especially one involved in the slumping video game industry) still willing to have some fun, and I'm guessing the ninjas came pretty cheap, so nobody's breaking the bank.

If you're out and about today in SF, and want a piece of cake, you can visit the Powell Street Cable Car turnaround, or catch a ride on a car bound for Aquatic Park, where the ninjas will be rolling around.

Really, when you think video game reviews, who doesn't think ninjas and cake?

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