‘No Buzzed Cuts': Protesters Oppose Bill to Legalize Serving Alcohol in Hair Salons

How about a glass of bubbly with your color job or beer with your buzz cut?

A bill currently sitting on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk would legalize what many salons and barber shops already do: Serve alcohol.

But not everyone is on board with salons and saloons having more in common.

Members of Alcohol Justice on Friday rallied outside a San Rafael-based 18/8. On Facebook, the barbershop invites men to enjoy a cold beer while getting their hair cut.

But protesters, holding signs saying “No buzzed cuts” and “If you serve, cars will swerve,” chanted, “Gov. Brown, do the right thing!”

Members of Alcohol Justice believe alcohol doesn’t belong in barbershops or salons. They are urging Brown to veto AB 1322, which aims to legalize the common practice of serving alcohol with a haircut.

If approved by Sept. 30, more than 41,000 salons would be allowed to offer a glass of wine or beer to customers who are 21 years old and older.

Bruce Lee Livingston believes hair salons should be required to get a liquor license.

“There would be no monitoring, no responsible beverage service training,” he said.

The California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology opposes the bill, while stylists at Salon DeCota have come out in support of it.

Owner Evet DeCota says customers should be able to unwind with the beverage of their choice.

“This is a place where people come to relax and have fun and be pretty,” she said. “Why can't they have a glass of wine?”

Meanwhile, some customers say it’s a perk they expect.

“We spend a lot of money on our hair,” said Rosslyn Ashley of Sausalito. “If they're going to offer a glass of wine, why not have it? [It] makes the bill seem a little bit better.”

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