No Fines Issued So Far in Bay Area Counties With COVID-19 Ordinances

Detail of a woman hand holding an allergy mask against tree trunks

People not wearing a mask or failing to properly socially distance in six Bay Area counties can be handed a fine, but, so far, not a single county has written a ticket.

Napa County said it has issued 50 warnings. Sonoma County is waiting on ticket books to be printed. Santa Clara County just passed its ordinance this week. Contra Costa County said it will actively begin enforcing its ordinance and write tickets by the end of the month.

Many people believe it's time to get tough. Lucinda Dekker said she and her family are doing all they can to stay safe, taking their masks wherever they go. She said people who don't need to face consequences.

"People all know the law," she said. "When people speed, enforcement has to give them tickets. It’s the same thing."

People not cooperating is what prompted the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors to pass its emergency ordinance two weeks ago, authorizing the county to issue fines to people and businesses found not complying.

"We’re still getting calls every day from dance studios to restaurants," Scott Alonso with the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office said.

Contra Costa County is fielding lots of complaints, but special citations still need to be printed. The county plans to issue warnings first, saving the fines for repeat offenders.

"And if they ultimately refuse to do that, we can now fine them, and we will if absolutely necessary," Alonso said.

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