No Mo Coe? Not So Fast

Santa Clara County Board Supervisor Ken Yeager is proposing putting Henry Coe State Park under County control.  

This comes after the state announced it is thinking about shutting it down to help close California’s $24 billion dollar deficit.  

Yeager argues that keeping it open is not only good for recreation, it also minimizes the risks of fire, vandalism and poaching.  

But it will cost money to provide rangers and maintenance workers to operate the park.  

Tuesday morning, the board will decide whether to have Parks and Rec look into that cost.  

The board would then at a later date, vote on whether to spend that money, whatever it turns out to be.  

Henry Coe occupies 87,000 acres east of Morgan Hill, making it the largest state park in Northern California.  

Governor Schwarzenegger has proposed closing 223 parks statewide, including Coe and a couple dozen more in the Bay Area.

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