Highest-Paid Googlers? Still Engineers

Not a real surprise, but the highest-paid employees at Google are its engineers. (Its software engineer interns even make around $80,000 a year.)

Business Insider did a Top 20 of the highest paid jobs at Google and found senior software engineers topped out at $152,985 annually, while its online sales and operations reps made about $50,200 a year, according to statistics from workplace and salary site Glassdoor.

Software engineer interns make $70,000 to $90,000 a year, which is more than account managers ($71,080) but financial and business analysts for Google make six figures ($103,244 and $104,389 respectively). Software research engineers, likely at Google X, make $126,916, while research scientists make a little more at $135,785.

What's missing from the report are salaries for those Googlers who work in support, such as office staff, cafeteria workers, baristas or custodians. If we know all this others stuff, we want to know if Google pays office drones and food servers more than other industries, and do they get stock options?

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