Law Publisher Nolo Press to Close Its Berkeley Bookstore

Trusted DYI law publisher Nolo Press plans to close its brick-and-mortar store in West Berkeley on April 28. 

Nolo's self-help guides to the American legal system will continue to be available online and by phone. 

"Nolo is doing great. They just decided that this space should be used for something else," said bookstore employee Michael Gurule. "Especially with the online boom, a lot of publishers are stepping back from storefronts and physical media and going online."

Nolo Press was founded in Berkeley in 1971 by two legal aid lawyers, Ralph Warner and Charles Sherman. The publishing house's mission is to help find answers to legal and business problems by explaining procedures and forms in plain English and sparing low-income people from paying attorney fees. 

Its titles include advice on immigration, family and employment law, tenant and landlord issues, wills, trusts and intellectual property. 

Nolo's first book was called "How to Do Your Own Divorce in California."

The publisher moved to an old clock factory in West Berkeley in 1980 and now has offices in Pleasanton as well. 

The company will stay at the location on Parker Street. Gurule said he's been promoted to a job in customer service. 

Everything in the store is on sale for half off until closing day. 

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