Santa Clara County

Non-Violent Offenders Avoid Arrest Thanks to ‘Operation Second Chance'

The chance of being arrested and put in jail would dampen anyone's holiday spirit. But it is a very real scenario for many people in Santa Clara County with outstanding arrest warrants.

However, there is still hope to avoid arrest thanks to the so-called Operation Second Chance. This month, the Sheriff's Office, in conjunction with other South Bay agencies, give amnesty to non-violent, misdemeanor and traffic offenders who missed their initial court date and have a warrant out for their arrest.

Qualified offenders have until Saturday to get a new court date instead of time behind bars.

"This second chance actually is a big relief to me," said Alexander Reed, a Milpitas resident and Operation Second Chance applicant.

Reed is the target of a warrant for missing court to answer to traffic violation charges. He said he could not make it to court because he takes care of his grandma.

"I was really  down and out about it," Reed said. "I didn't think that I was going to have this second chance opportunity. I thought I was going to jail because that was going to be my second offense."

The Sheriff's Office said the program keeps people moving through the system, easing the burden on everyone.

"I think it's someone who wants to take care of their matter," Sgt. Richard Glennon said. "They can come in, get their court date and enjoy the new year and start the year right."

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