Calif. Cow “With a Heart” Saved From Slaughter House

'Cupid' pals around with fellow cows at animal sanctuary

A calf who fell off a truck on his way to slaughter is enjoying his new life at an animal sanctuary thanks to a unique marking on his head.

Now named Cupid, the Holstein has a perfect white heart in the middle of his black forehead.

Cupid fell off the truck earlier this year and ended up in an orchard, where workers with the Merced County Humane Shelter picked him up. The heart on his head inspired animal control officers to save him.

He was eventually taken to the Santa Cruz SPCA wrapped in blankets. The executive director of the shelter contacted Farm Sanctuary in Orland and set up the transfer.

Today, Cupid is still living at Farm Sanctuary in Orland, where he has been weaned off a bottle and pals around with another calf named Harrison.

Cupid lives among about 350 other rescued animals, ranging from donkeys to chickens, on the 300-acre sanctuary.

"He is doing wonderful -- everyone loves him," Leanne Cronquist, director for the Orland shelter, told the Merced Sun-Star.

It's been about 10 months since Cupid made the Farm Sanctuary his home. He has grown and loves people. He spends his days eating alfalfa hay, along with a supplemental feed.

Cupid's rescuers are full-hearted when they hear how well the lucky bovine is doing.

"It's always worthwhile to rescue an animal, no matter what kind of animal it is," said Kristen Lucas, the animal control officer who helped Cupid. "He was the only calf I ever rescued. It feels good to know that he's got a life of luxury now."

Farm Sanctuary, with facilities in California and New York, is an animal rescue and education organization.

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