Dentist Convicted for Fondling Patients' Breasts

WOODLAND, Calif. -- A Sacramento-area dentist accused of groping his female patients was found guilty Tuesday on 11 felony counts and one misdemeanor, KCRA-TV reported on Tuesday.

Arrested in September 2007, Mark Anderson had faced 20 total charges in a case involving 13 different women.

He allegedly told his victims that he needed to touch their breasts as part of a legitimate dental treatment. But the prosecution alleged that Anderson groped the women for his own sexual gratification.

Jurors in Yolo County were deadlocked on six counts, all involving one alleged victim. Judge Stephen Mock declared a mistrial on those counts.

Anderson was found not guilty on two other felony counts. Mock said sentencing would take place in one month or more.

Some women in the courtroom were crying silently as the verdicts were read.

Outside the courthouse after hearing his convictions, Anderson said he had no comment.

When a reporter asked him if he had anything to say to his victims, he said, "There were none."

One alleged victim in the case expressed her displeasure after Anderson made the comment.

"Completely unbelievable that he's still saying that after being convicted. It's ridiculous," Tanya McKay said.

Most of the women never went back to Anderson after the alleged abuse. Those who did go back said they trusted him because he was a dentist.

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